Vanilla servers

21st Nov, 2022

Vanilla servers

The majority of Minecraft vanilla servers are faithful to how the original game was intended to be played. It can be hard for players to find simple Minecraft vanilla servers with so many server-side modifications.

Server-side plugins are used by some vanilla Minecraft servers to provide a more refined multiplayer experience. This includes a land allocation system that allows players to avoid raiding and griefing.

Some players desire a pure vanilla Minecraft multiplayer experience. This list includes everything, from vanilla servers to servers that are strictly vanilla with very few gameplay changes.

Purple Prison IP:

Purple prison is the first on the list. This server uses quite a few server side plugins and is the most modified. These plugins can be used to improve the gameplay experience and add a new twist to the standard vanilla survival mode that is offered on many other servers.

This server features a large vanilla survival world that can only be accessed after you have escaped from the main prison. Players can create and are completely protected from grief. Purple Prison has its own game economy that allows players to make their own games in game shops.

Purple prison is a popular Minecraft server that has hundreds to thousands of players at any given time. It has been running online for nearly seven years. It has been online for almost seven years and attracted many big names like PewDiePie.

Vanilla Europa IP:

Vanilla Europa is an excellent Minecraft server. It aims to give players a simple vanilla survival experience. Land claiming is the only thing the server offers beyond the Minecraft survival game mode.

Players can use land claiming to claim and defend areas of land they wish to build on. This is to protect their base and possessions from being raided and griefed by other players.

There is a close-knit and active community of players on the server. Server admins often host events for players, which include special UHC events where winners receive unique prizes.

Vanilla WTF IP:

Vanilla WTF describes its server as “minimalistic with a hint of functionality.” Vanilla WTF features a default setting of hard difficulty, paired with griefing and raiding. PvP is fully permitted and allowed by the rules.

The best thing about vanilla WTF is that it has a well-designed anti-cheat system. This prevents players from cheating or hacking their way to any advantage.

Vanilla High IP:

Vanilla high is a vanilla Minecraft server that's family-friendly. This server is a great choice for anyone looking for a fun and friendly Minecraft multiplayer environment. The server enforces strict rules that all players must adhere to, including no swearing in chat.

Vanilla high prohibits griefing other players' builds or stealing their objects. This is another rule that must be observed. This setting is enabled on the server. It means that players who die will respawn with their inventory items and loot intact.

This setting is a great choice for players who are looking for a more casual and accepting Minecraft survival experience.

Simply Vanilla IP:

Simply Vanilla is a great Minecraft survival server that welcomes you with a variety of functionalities. Their teleportation system is an example of this.

This allows players to teleport together by simply typing a quick command to chat, rather than walking long distances across the map. It saves a lot of time.

A custom trading feature is also available on the server, which allows players to instantly and safely trade items.

The simply vanilla server's community is usually in the older age range. Anyone can join, however. A friendly and dedicated staff team is available to help players.