Super League Gaming just launched Pixel Paradise

11th Dec, 2022

Super League Gaming just launched Pixel Paradise

Pixel Paradise is the first Minecraft Bedrock server to target role-playing enthusiasts, and it has been launched by Super League Gaming.

The server can be used as a hub to allow players to create their own stories. It is designed to encourage role-playing and bring your imagination to life with Minecraft's Bedrock Edition, which runs on PCs, consoles, mobile, and mobile.

Pixel Paradise lets players abandon player-vs. player competition and instead travel to an island that encourages creativity and resourcefulness. It was widely rumored to be arriving in June, but it has only been available for a few days and already has some critics.

Pixel Paradise's primary game mode is Roleplay. It will feature multiple storylines and will receive regular updates. Every player will have access to a variety of characters. Players will start their adventures by roleplaying on their base island, then moving to the Grand Paradise Hotel, Secret Beach and the Pixel Aquarium.

To complete tasks, players will need to be able to manage their currency and optimize their resources.

Play more relaxed

Above: Spleef, one of the attractions at Pixel Paradise.

Pixel Paradise has minigames for players looking for more action. These minigames are based on the popular Minecraft mode Spleef. This is a super-fast last-person standing puzzle that allows players to jump across platforms while blocks beneath them disappear in an unpredictable pattern.

InPvP's general manager Niraj Morar told GamesBeat in an interview that he has been involved in Minecraft server and development for almost ten years. He wanted to create a safe and secure environment for gamers using Minecraft as an outlet. To create this experience, he partnered with Microsoft Minecraft owner.

Morar stated that it was one of their takes on a roleplaying experience that is different for Minecraft. “We've had experience with Mineville [another Minecraft Bedrock Server], but we wanted to push ourselves to do things differently with Pixel Paradise.”

This server is intended for multiplayer gamers of different types who prefer to play different roles than competing with one another.

He said, “The player can be themselves and direct their experience while we act as the narrator for them role-playing.” They get to visit a creative island, where everything is bright and cheerful. The players can do what they like. We create the scene.

A thoughtful departure

Above: Islands are a feature in Pixel Paradise.

Mike Wann, chief strategy officer at Super League Gaming said that Pixel Paradise was a thoughtful departure form the typical Minecraft Bedrock game experience. It is designed for gamers of all genders. Players can share and create content, roleplay with their friends at Starducks Coffee Cafe, as well as collaborate on gathering resources.

Wann said, “My children are beta testers and the ecosystem continues to grow.” It's important to note that over half of Minecraft players are female. We created a multiplayer platform that allows players to build their own sandboxes and have their own experiences with us guiding them.

Wann admitted that some players were being snarky regarding Pixel Paradise.

Wann stated, “When we released Mineville we saw similar sentiments.” It was understandable. Multiplayer players are mostly PvP-free minigame players. They expected to receive games that were compatible with what was already in the ecosystem.

He said, “The goal of Pixel Paradise is to target players that don't have a place to play casually and creatively with their friends.” It's similar to an avid Call of Duty Call of Duty player jumping in to Animal Crossing, but not having the best experience. It's impossible to compare them, it's just like apples and spaceships.

For a Volcano pass, Pixel Paradise will charge 310 coins ($1.99). For stronger pickaxes, it costs between 830 and 2,730 coins ($4.99-$15.99). Additional non-player characters can be found on the island. They range from 830 to 2,720 coins ($4.99-$15.99) A VIP pass cost 4,280 coins.

Pixel Paradise has free-to-play mode so anyone can come in to play the classic Minecraft modes. You can also upgrade your experience with the “Play Pass”.

Mineville roots

More than 22 million people use the Mineville server to enjoy InPvP. Open the Minecraft Game Server tab on you device and click Pixel Paradise.

Super League Gaming provides gaming and esports content for millions of gamers. It allows young gamers to create and experience their own Minecraft worlds.

Morar stated that “we've seen many people submit their designs and their creativity.” It's only a beginning. It takes time for people to create their masterpieces. It's incredible to see people walking around the server with their friends, and having conversations with non-player characters.

InPvP will constantly update the server with new games and miniquests.

Wann stated, “Every month we release new content so we can get player feedback and then increase the things people like.”