How to find caves in your Minecraft world

15th Jan, 2023

How to find caves in your Minecraft world

Minecraft 1.18 was a major update that brought many changes and enhancements to the beloved open-world sandbox game. Part 2 of the Caves and Cliffs update has been released. It will be available on November 30th. Minecraft's largest update completes a revamp of the caves.

The most important part of Minecraft has been caves. Caves will be getting a makeover with the Minecraft 1.18 update. There are two new cave biomes and a larger cave generation. Also, bedrock shifting 64 degrees down is possible.

Exploring caves in Minecraft 1.18 will be an entirely new experience. It's nothing like the old Minecraft caves.

Traditional wisdom taught that players should dig down to find a cave and then keep digging until they find it. This has been changed by the Minecraft 1.18 update.

How to find Dripstone Caves

Dripstone Caves can be found in both cave biomes that were added to Minecraft 1.18. These caves can be found in many types of caves. They can also be found in large underground aquafiers or inside mountains.

Players can dig down to mine them or explore large cracks in the ground, which leads to huge caves with Dripstone Cave biomes mixed in.

How to Locate Lush Caves

It can be difficult to find Lush Cave biomes after Minecraft 1.18 was released. These biomes are much more rare than Dripstone Caves and can be difficult to find. Players will also need to visit a Lush Cave to find adorable Axolotls or Azalea bushes. This makes them even more rewarding.

There is a trick to finding these hidden caves. Players can search for an Azalea Tree on the surface. Lush Caves are indicated by the Azalea tree that can be seen on the surface. To find the Lush Caves, players can begin digging around the Azalea trees.

However, this doesn't necessarily mean they are always hidden or rare. Some players may be able to find them quite easily.

Take a look inside the mountains to dig deeper

These are some more ways to find new caves with Minecraft 1.18. According to Mojang, this update has made mountains larger, but some of them can also be hollow and contain a large cave.

A major update was made regarding the bedrock layer shifting to y=-64. This allows for new caves to be created. The previous versions of the game will have their bedrock blocks replaced by deepslate, so players will be able to dig deeper and create new types caves.