Family Friendly Minecraft Servers

24th Jan, 2023

Family Friendly Minecraft Servers

Many kids have made Minecraft their go-to game. As parents and children look for new ways to connect online, Minecraft's popularity has increased dramatically. There are many servers that Minecraft players can use, but not all servers are suitable for children. These Minecraft servers are family-friendly and safe for younger players.

It's a great way to let your children play Minecraft with other kids in a safe setting. Before your child logs in to the server and starts playing, make sure they are familiar with it.

These are the characteristics that most family-friendly Minecraft servers share in common.

Codes of Conduct

You should ensure that the server you choose has a code for children. Make sure you read the rules carefully so that you know what is permitted and what isn't. Your child should also read the rules and follow them while they play.


Many kid-focused Minecraft servers require that players apply to be added to a whitelist to help reduce undesirable players. This allows you to screen players before they are allowed on the server.

Grief Protection

Griefing, a Minecraft term, refers to when a player damages, steals or makes a mess in another player's home, possessions, and area. Some servers have safeguards to prevent griefing, while others penalize players who do this.

Chat Options

Your child may be interested in communicating with other Minecraft players while they play. Discuss the various chat options with your child before they start playing Minecraft. Many servers allow voice or text chat.