Easy builds for starters

29th Jan, 2023

Easy builds for starters

Building a house is one of the most important tasks in Minecraft. The house is essential for protecting players from hostile mobs at night.

There are many types of Minecraft houses, and they come in many sizes and complexity levels. Some players love easy-to-build homes. It could be because you don't have the time or resources to build something complicated.

No matter what the case, this guide will show you five simple Minecraft houses that are beautiful and easy to build.

Beautiful and simple Minecraft houses

5) Survival Starter House

YouTuber Rizzal shows us how to build a simple survival house while playing Minecraft survival.

This house looks great, considering how affordable it was to build. The house also has many rooms including a place for enchantment, dedicated storage space and a large bedroom. There is even a handy balcony.

4) Easy Wooden House

YouTuber “TSMC”, has a fantastic build that is a great option for anyone looking to build something smaller. This build is extremely affordable because it only uses glass and wood materials.

This tiny house is very functional. It has everything you need, including a place for sleeping, storage, and even space for an outdoor farm.

3) Small Modern House

Another design by popular YouTuber Rizzal. This design will appeal to lovers of modern architecture. Its contemporary aesthetic is striking and will draw attention from all who pass it.

This build requires quartz, stained clay, stained glasses, and a type of wood. This build is slightly more costly than the others, but it's well worth it.

2) Easy Suburban House

This Minecraft build is a replica of a suburban house. It can be used in any Minecraft city. This build's exterior is mostly made of quartz. The roof, however, uses two types wood to create a beautiful contrast effect.

This build is easy to construct and offers plenty of space. There are two floors that can be used as full-fledged floors, which provides ample space. This is a fantastic build that any gamer can use, and it fits many different uses.

1) Simple Survival House

The last but not least, this Minecraft survival build by YouTuber “Rizzal” is a simple one. It includes all the necessary amenities for survival.

This survival house's compact design is ideal for people with limited space and resources. This survival house is also very affordable and requires little in the way of resources, such as glass, cobblestone, and wood. It is ideal for those who need to survive the first few nights.