Best animals to farm in Minecraft

3rd Feb, 2023

Best animals to farm in Minecraft

Minecraft's vast plains were home to common animals such as chickens, pigs, and other farm animals in its early days. The game has seen many updates over the years and now features a large variety of animals.

Animals are the best food source in Minecraft when you're starting a new world. They provide food as well as resources such leather, wool, and so forth.

To quickly and easily get animal resources, players can build farms. These are the animals Minecraft players should farm.

The best Minecraft animals you can farm for food and resources

5) Cows

Minecraft's best food source is the cow. To survive in the endless survival realm, most players depend on cows. They can also breed cows from wheat. Raw beef and steak are the consequences of a cow's death.

Minecraft allows players to cook raw beef. For making books, leathers made from cows can also be used. Without books, players won't be able to enchant their items.

4) Chickens

One of Minecraft's most famous mobs is the chicken. You can find chickens in any Overworld biome that has grass blocks. Chickens die and drop feathers and chicken meat. They can also be cooked chicken if they are killed by fire.

To spawn baby chickens, players can breed chickens from seeds. They can also make automated chicken farms, which allow them to easily acquire food products.

3) Spiders

Spiders, unlike other animals on the list, are hostile towards players. In Minecraft, you can earn strings and spider eyes by defeating spiders. Spider spawners can be found in mineshafts and dungeons.

A spider spawner allows players to easily create spider farms of XP. For creating poison potions and weakness, spider eyes are essential. This farm produces spider eyes as well as strings that can be traded to get emeralds.

2) Bees

Mojang launched cute bees two years ago with the 1.15 Buzzy Bees update. The Minecraft bees can produce honey the same way as real-life bees. You can harvest honey from beehives and bee nests.

Redstone engineers have a treasure trove of honey bottles. To make honey blocks, which are one of the most well-known redstone blocks, players will need honey bottles.

1) Sheep

Shearing sheep in Minecraft is the fastest and easiest way to obtain wool. To have an endless supply of wool, players can set up a simple sheep farm. They can use the wool to make beds or search for ancient material in the Nether.

You can also use wool blocks to build in Minecraft. You can also sell wool to shepherds, and earn some shiny emeralds from farming sheep.

Animal farms can also be used to provide useful resources for players, just like regular farms. They won't need to gather food by hand by building animal farms.